Whatever your business we insure it.

Specialty Classes

Whether you own a family-run farm or manage a corporate-driven operation, we understand your investment is extensive. Your livestock, crops, equipment and buildings all require ample protection against the unpredictability of the weather… and the financial markets. Our farm insurance and livestock insurance products take your unique considerations to heart. We understand your farm means everything. We’ll do everything on our end to make sure you’re covered at a market-fair price.

In the restaurant and hospitality industry, you’re exposed to a dizzying array of potential liabilities and risks. From liquor liability and food safety issues to employee dishonesty and human resource disputes, you require restaurant insurance or hospitality insurance coverage as unique as your hand-waited service. Let’s see how we can manage your risks and create an insurance portfolio to bring you five-star peace of mind.

Being a landscaping professional comes with a unique set of risks and potential pitfalls you have to manage on the jobsite daily. Whether you’re a single-operator landscaper or lawn-care contractor, or operate a large-scale landscaping and construction firm, we can design a landscaping insurance portfolio to address your business dynamic. Talk to us about building you a customized insurance package uniquely suited to you.

At Insureit, we’re here to help navigate you through the unique range of risks your marine business is exposed to. We understand the marine industry can be very complex, with a unique set of challenges that require your undivided attention. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to develop a marine insurance portfolio that offers you the precise coverage you need, including marine liability insurance, marine cargo insurance, carrier’s insurance and more.