Car, truck or trailer we insure it.

Seasonal Automobile Insurance

When you get out on your bike, it’s all about you and the open road. Our motorcycle insurance options keep you moving forward with protection geared to your specific needs such as driver age, experience, use frequency and more. As a secondary vehicle, finding you the ideal coverage at the best possible price is our top priority. Give us a call now to discuss your options.

By law, if you use your snowmobile on public property, you need snowmobile insurance. We’ll help you get the most out of your favourite wintertime pastime with effective coverage for a variety of unexpected events including accident-related damages, liability, vandalism and theft. Talk to an Insureit broker today and we’ll do the comparison shopping to make sure you get the best combination of coverage and value available.

Happier trails start with an ATV insurance policy from Insureit. Through our insurance network, we offer a selection of offroad vehicle insurance solutions that provide coverage in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism and more. Based on your unique needs, we can also secure coverage that extends to liability protection to anyone using the ATV with the owner’s permission, new ATV replacement for vehicles less than 2 years old, and more.

Your travel trailer is like a home away from home. We’ll provide you with the coverage it deserves at the best possible price. Our travel trailer insurance options extend to coverage for accident related damages, liability, vandalism and theft, with policies that are customized to your usage situations – from occasional use to extended road trips or full summer-long excitement.